Want to charge these new clients more money?

Here’s The Exact Worksheets And Templates You Can Use To Charge More Money AND Have Happier Clients

While Working Less

Ever heard the saying “work smarter... not harder” ?

It’s definitely sound business logic.


The problem with “working smarter” is that clients won’t always let you...

Picture this ...

You sit down with a potential client and just blatantly ask them...

“What Would You Like Me To Do To Help Grow Your Business?”

9x’s out of 10...

you’ll get the same answer

“I Want You To Help Me Get More Customers...”


9x out of 10 The client focuses on the completely wrong thing...They’re always trying to work harder instead of smarter. Don’t fall into that trap... and don’t let your clients either.

I’m sure me and you can agree on another “common statement”... but it’s only common to us.

“The money’s in the list...” -any guru in history

sound familiar?

Well instead of going out there and trying to build a new list (A.K.A. get more customers) 9 out of 10 clients should be taking their list of customers they already have and marketing to them.

Almost every time they make MORE money doing that then getting new leads.

Almost every time they have to do wayyyyy less work.

And almost every time... they will be happier with your services, pay higher fees, and continue to pay for years to come for you to do this for them.

But the trick is to make the client understand that they NEED to work smarter... and not harder.

And the way you do that is by asking questions that expose holes in their marketing, and then educating them on what they need to do to fix it.

So I’ve put together a series of worksheets to help you do just that. There are very specific questions to ask your clients... along with a training video for each worksheet of responses that you’ll typically get, what to say back to them, when to say it... everything. That way you can walk in looking like a pro, and walk out with a bigger check.

Here’s What You Get...

Worksheet 1 - Video Content               ( Real Value: $17.00 )

(What's In Yours... and why?)

It includes 9 very specific questions I ask business owners about the content and messages in their videos.

These nine questions really start to show the holes in your clients current marketing.

This is also accompanied by a 5 minute 28 seconds video about why each question is important. Example of responses I've gotten from my clients so you'll be able to anticipate what they will say, and know exactly what to say in response.

Worksheet 2 - Video Positioning         ( Real Value: $17.00 )

( Where's Yours At? )

This simple worksheet has 8 questions about where a clients is already at on the web.

There complete video presence will be exposed, and it will be your job to "educate" the client as you go through these questions.

So I also included a walk-through video of all these questions and how i've educated some of my clients.

Worksheet 3 - Video Meaning              ( Real Value: $17.00 )

(What’s The Message?)

Does your clients videos address the viewers problem, and tell them how they can help solve it?

This is another 8 question worksheet that walks you and your client through the actual message that their video sends.

Once again I've included a video, and this one is extremely important to "get" because if the message in the video is wrong then nobody is going to be calling your client from it anyways.

I  get through that as quick as I can and the video will take you 5 minutes and 22 seconds and you'll know exactly how to improve your clients message.

Now for the Viral Worksheets and training...

Worksheet 1 - Social Presence            ( Real Value: $17.00 )

( Where Are You And Should You Be There? )

This worksheet only has 4 questions, the reason these questions are so important is because they let you know EXACTLY what your clients thinks.

You find out where they think their strong AND their weak points are in their marketing.

Then all you have to do is educate them on how to fix it.

I again included a video breakdown of how I do this. It's exactly 4 minutes and 15 seconds long and you'll have it down after you watch that video.


Worksheet 2 - Customer Avatar           ( Real Value: $17.00 )

( Who Are We Talking To? )

Almost every client out there makes the mistake of talking to a "group".

In every piece of marketing you should be directing the message directly at one person. Like I'm doing now...

A group of people will see this sales-page, but I only use the term "you"... because I'm not speaking to a group... I'm speaking to YOU.

This worksheet will help you find your clients "YOU" and how to talk to them so that they will take action.

This is actually a 2 page worksheet accompanied by 2 video walkthroughs of how I do this in my business, and how you can apply it to yours and your clients.

Part One is 7 minutes and 41 seconds long, and part two will take 4 minutes and 44 seconds to get through... so you will be spending a lil time on this worksheet, but it's EXTREMELY important.

Worksheet 3 - Community Loop Building

( Where Is Your Online Community? )                        ( Real Value: $17.00 )

This 14 question worksheets will take an inventory of where your client is at socially. How many fans they have, video views, followers... etc.

What it will also do is get you a chance to again educate a client on the value of each platform, and why they should or shouldn't be on it.

You'll be able to blast right through the video that goes with this worksheet it's 2 minutes and 46 seconds... very straight forward video.

Worksheet 4 - Your Buy Button           ( Real Value: $17.00 )

( What Steps Can We Remove? )

This simple 6 question worksheet is extremely important.


Because business owners understand the importance of a buy button.

They understand that the amount of revenue they generate is directly proportional to the number of buy buttons they have up.

And when you can INSTANTLY show them how to implement a buy button... or to remove a step in the way of them... you INSTANTLY make your client more money.

And of course... there is a video accompanying this that is 3:50 that explains how to use this worksheet to make your clients love you.

Worksheet 5 - Up-selling, Lead Nurturing

...and Viral Funnels                              ( Real Value: $17.00 )

( Where's Yours? )

This quick 10 question worksheet will solidify you as the expert to them.

In the previous worksheet you hit em where it hurts... their wallet.

In this worksheet you help ease that pain... then ask them for more money.

Since this is so crucial you need to watch the entire 7 minutes and 45 seconds on how I get clients to pay me sometimes double what they originally agreed to.

So let's recap,

You get the exact 8 worksheets I use in my business... with my own clients. You get to use them for whatever you want, and you also get 8 videos explaining precisely what to expect from a business owner when you ask these and exactly what to say back to them so that they are happy to pay you more... and pay you again and again.

To get everything listed above go ahead and...

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As always I give a no questions asked 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Yours for high paying clients,


P.S. Thanks for caring enough about your clients to invest in all the tools you need to provide them the best service possible.

No thanks Don... I’d rather do all the hard work myself, not knowing what to say or ask when I do talk to a client, and I’m ok with continuing to spin my wheels and struggle... just give me the WSO that I already bought.